SN INSAAF LLP is built on a decade of Experience. We help our clients grow, innovate and thrive. For over a decade, we have built a reputation for our expertise, specialized consultation, and ability to think ahead. We find the most relevant and extremely customized solutions to our client’s legal challenges.

With a constantly evolving legal field, we are determined to help our clients embrace change and stay ahead. We deliver exceptional legal solutions in the fields of Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Cyber laws, Corporate litigation, Arbitration, Intellectual property Rights, Family and Matrimonial Litigation, Employment and Labour Litigation, Real Estate, Banking & Corporate Litigation, and Consumer Litigation.

We are proud of the recognition we have received from our clients for our commitment to legal service, and we value their satisfaction as the best measure of our prosperity.

Helping Good People

Do Good Things

Our values

SN INSAAF LLP strives to be a multi-skilled knowledge based Legal Consultancy Firm, driven by ethics and values, delivering excellence and value in the field of legal services.

Diversity and inclusion

At SN INSAAF LLP, we foster an environment that respects the dignity of life and diversity and inclusion. Our vision of diversity goes beyond the generic and extends to diversity of thought, perspective, attitude and experience.

Corporate social responsibility

Our commitment to community development is based on the understanding that the focus on delivering a positive impact, needs to extend beyond our clients, to also include the communities around us.


Professionalism and perseverance. Commitment and creativity. Experience and expertise. This is what we bring to every engagement. This is our purpose.

We believe in collaboration

Not just within our team, but also with our clients. True partnership, to our minds, means a relentless focus on our clients’ objectives and devising creative solutions to achieve them.

We value drive and professionalism

Ethical and professional responsibility informs our every action. We invest time and resources to anticipate and resolve our clients’ legal issues, with a fresh and relevant perspective.

We celebrate our team

For their diverse views, their initiative and their capacity to work together. Every individual has a proven track record and is well established in their area of expertise. Every single one proactively hones their skills, building on excellence with in-depth training.

We continue to evolve

In challenge, we see opportunity. We bring an unparalleled energy and integrity to everything we execute. Our growth is intrinsically linked to the growth of our team and our clients; together, we strive for excellence.

What distinguishes SN INSAAF LLP from its peers is the approach which is:

  • High Quality Legal consultation – We deliver services of the highest quality, which are capable of meeting the most exacting standards.
  • Accessibility and Responsiveness – We are proactive in our approach and are available to our clients at all times.
  • Legal Research Based consultancy – We keep abreast with market practices applicable to legal interpretation, and adopt/recommend such practices only if they are supported by the prevailing legal rule.